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It's perfectly okey. I'm afraid, too.

"I started wishing on the stars in the sky instead

I said to the the sun

“Tell me about the big bang”

The sun said

“it hurts to become”

I carry that hurt on the tip of my tongue

And whisper bless your heart every chance I get

So my family tree can be sure I have not left

You do not have to leave to arrive

I am learning this slowly

So sometimes when I look in the mirror

My eyes look like the holes in the shoes of the shoe shine man

My hands are busy on the wrong things

Some days, I call my arms wings

While my head is in the clouds

It will take me a few more years to learn

Flying is not pushing away the ground

Safety is not always safe

You can find one on every gun

I am aiming to do better

This is my body

My exhaustion pipe will never pass inspection

And still my lungs know how to breathe."

- Andrea Gibson


Alla val syns inte på utsidan. Endel går inte obemärkt förbi. Atrociteter instängda, tätt förslutna. Ingen behöver veta. Det enda betydelsefulla är att välja rätt.

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